Kotlin allows me to sort ASC and array using multiple comparison fields.

For example:

return ArrayList(originalItems)
    .sortedWith(compareBy({ it.localHits }, { it.title }))

But when I try sort DESC (compareByDescending()), it does not allow me to use multiple comparison fields.

Is there any way I can do it?


You could use the thenByDescending() (or thenBy() for ascending order) extension function to define a secondary Comparator.

Assuming originalItems are of SomeCustomObject, something like this should work:

return ArrayList(originalItems)
        .sortedWith(compareByDescending<SomeCustomObject> { it.localHits }
                .thenByDescending { it.title })

(of course you have to replace SomeCustomObject with your own type for the generic)

  • Sweet! It works like a charm. Thank you very much, @earthw0rmjim! – Augusto Carmo Apr 3 '18 at 9:41
    .sortedWith(compareByDescending({ it.localHits }, { it.title }))

You only need to define this function:

fun <T> compareByDescending(vararg selectors: (T) -> Comparable<*>?): Comparator<T> {
    return Comparator { b, a -> compareValuesBy(a, b, *selectors) }

Or you may use the Comparator directly:

    .sortedWith(Comparator { b, a -> compareValuesBy(a, b, { it.localHits }, { it.title }) })

You can also just use sort ASC and then reverse it:

return ArrayList(originalItems).sortedWith(compareBy({ it.localHits }, { it.title })).asReversed()

The implementation of the asReversed() is a view of the sorted list with reversed index and has better performance than using reverse()


Reversing the comparator also works:

originalItems.sortedWith(compareBy<Item>({ it.localHits }, { it.title }).reversed())

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