A string have data with semicolons now i want to remove all the data within the 2 semicolons and leave the the rest as it is. I am using perl regex to remove the unwanted data from the string:

String :

$val="Data;test is here ;&data=1dffvdviofv;&dt&;&data=343";

Now we want to remove all the data between each semicolons ,throughout the string :


But this is not working for me. Final out should be like below :

Data &data=1dffvdviofv&data=343
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    Try this: $val =~ s/([^;]*);[^;]*;/$1/g; – Håkon Hægland Apr 2 at 15:30
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One of the problems is that .* is greedy, that is, it will consume as much as it can. You can make it non-greedy by writing .*?, but that alone won't fix your regex since you've anchored it to the end of the string with $. Personally I don't think there is a need for the capture groups, you can just write

$val =~ s/;.*?;//g;

I'm assuming that the extra space in your expected output (Data &data...) is a typo.

You might also want to consider using a proper parser for whatever data format this is.

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    Safer: ;[^;]*; – ikegami Apr 2 at 16:50

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