Is there an efficient way to serialize a large object in C# (using JSON.Net or other library) > Zip it and upload this to Azure Storage Blob.

Performing the operation step by step without streams leads to OutOfMemory Exception in the first step itself:

  1. Serialize the data model to string using JSON.Net
  2. Zip this string data to byte array
  3. Using Azure Blob Storage UploadText method to upload this to Azure Blob Storage.
  • so you have an exception while serializing the object ? – Thomas Apr 2 at 21:18
  • @Thomas - yes, however, I have encountered OOM exceptions while Zipping and de-serialization as well if the former passes. – mebjas Apr 3 at 1:17
  • could oyu share your actual code please ? – Thomas Apr 3 at 1:36

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