I am using R on AWS EC2 instance. I am trying to send a mail using the "mailR" package.

I was told that to install the package I should previously install the package "rJava" as "mailR" depends on it.

When trying to install "rJava" I get this error:

gcc: error: libgomp.spec: No such file or directory

After a quick search, I saw a post on this link explaining this:

"You have to make sure your GCC has OpenMP support enabled. Make sure you select OpenMP from the optional packages when installing."

I really have no idea how to do this. Should it be something to add in the parameters of install.packages("rJava")?

Assistance much appreciated !


  • It's complaining about a missing system file, not a missing R package. You need to fix or enhance your GCC and OpenMP installation. – 42- Apr 2 '18 at 22:09

Found the solution here

I did install gcc but apparently we should not install the latest version, so as suggested in the linked post, I downloaded version 4 and it worked.

You do that by typing in Putty:

sudo yum install gcc-4.8.5

Thanks !

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