I'm trying to create a scrolling list widgets which takes displays a few items and has the ability to add a footer at the bottom which scrolls along.

If the scrolling list doesn't take up the complete height, e.g. there are only 2 items, the footer should still appear at the bottom of the screen. Here are some sketches of what I'm trying to achieve

non page filling listview page filling listview

I tried calculating the vertical size that the listview needs but that'd mean that I need the know the height of the children at build time. Is there a better way?

I'm trying to achieve the exact same thing as here but with Flutter of course.


You will need to create a custom RenderBox for this. As there's no widgets which supports this out of the box.

SliverFillRemaining comes pretty close. But it's sizing/scrolling behavior is different then what you'd expect. As, if present, will almost always make the Scrollable... scrollable.

Instead, we can copy paste the sources of SliverFillRemaining. And make some edits

class SliverFooter extends SingleChildRenderObjectWidget {
  /// Creates a sliver that fills the remaining space in the viewport.
  const SliverFooter({
    Key key,
    Widget child,
  }) : super(key: key, child: child);

  RenderSliverFooter createRenderObject(BuildContext context) => new RenderSliverFooter();

class RenderSliverFooter extends RenderSliverSingleBoxAdapter {
  /// Creates a [RenderSliver] that wraps a [RenderBox] which is sized to fit
  /// the remaining space in the viewport.
    RenderBox child,
  }) : super(child: child);

  void performLayout() {
    final extent = constraints.remainingPaintExtent - math.min(constraints.overlap, 0.0);
    var childGrowthSize = .0; // added
    if (child != null) {
       // changed maxExtent from 'extent' to double.infinity
      child.layout(constraints.asBoxConstraints(minExtent: extent, maxExtent: double.infinity), parentUsesSize: true);
      childGrowthSize = constraints.axis == Axis.vertical ? child.size.height : child.size.width; // added
    final paintedChildSize = calculatePaintOffset(constraints, from: 0.0, to: extent);
    assert(paintedChildSize >= 0.0);
    geometry = new SliverGeometry(
      // used to be this : scrollExtent: constraints.viewportMainAxisExtent,
      scrollExtent: math.max(extent, childGrowthSize),
      paintExtent: paintedChildSize,
      maxPaintExtent: paintedChildSize,
      hasVisualOverflow: extent > constraints.remainingPaintExtent || constraints.scrollOffset > 0.0,
    if (child != null) {
      setChildParentData(child, constraints, geometry);

Here I changed one 3 things

  • Unconstrained the child maxExtent. Because if there's no more screen-space available, that would enforce a height of 0 to the footer.
  • changed SliverGeometry scrollExtent from "full screen height" to "actual available size". So that it actually only fill the remaining visible space. Not fill the screen.
  • added a minimum value to that same scrollExtent, equal to the actual footer height. So that if there's no more space remaining in the viewport, the children is simply added without any spacing around it.

We can now use it inside our CustomScrollView as usual.

End result :

new CustomScrollView(
  slivers: <Widget>[
    new SliverFixedExtentList(
      itemExtent: 42.0,
      delegate: new SliverChildBuilderDelegate((context, index) {
        return new SizedBox.expand(
          child: new Card(),
      }, childCount: 42),
    new SliverFooter(
      child: new Align(
        alignment: Alignment.bottomCenter,
        child: new Container(
          height: 42.0,
          color: Colors.red,
  • 1
    You should consider making a pull request for this. This should be a part of the Flutter repository imo. – Bram Vanbilsen Apr 3 '18 at 11:02
  • 3
    Agreed. I'll do it. – Rémi Rousselet Apr 3 '18 at 11:30
  • @RémiRousselet Thanks for the code, works well. When there is a input field in one of the sliverlist, after minimizing the keyboard, the footer snaps back to the bottom but the remaining list all end up at the top with lot of space between the last list item and the footer, is there anyway to lower the list also. – Roy Feb 16 at 5:00

This can be achieved by using a SingleChildScrollView with special constraints, as explained here.

Take a look at the example below:

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return LayoutBuilder(
    builder: (BuildContext context, BoxConstraints constraints) {
      return SingleChildScrollView(
        child: ConstrainedBox(
          constraints: constraints.copyWith(
            minHeight: constraints.maxHeight,
            maxHeight: double.infinity,
          child: IntrinsicHeight(
            child: Column(
              children: <Widget>[
                Container(height: 200, color: Colors.blue),
                Container(height: 200, color: Colors.orange),
                Container(height: 200, color: Colors.green),
                Container(height: 50, color: Colors.pink),
                  child: Align(
                    alignment: Alignment.bottomCenter,
                    child: Container(
                      width: double.infinity,
                      color: Colors.red,
                      padding: EdgeInsets.all(12.0),
                      child: Text('FOOTER', textAlign: TextAlign.center,),

This builds the following layout: enter image description here

If you change the height of the pink container to something larger, say 500, you will see the footer also scrolls with the entire list.

Thanks to Simon Lightfoot for his help pointing me in the right direction!


Something like https://flutter.io/web-analogs/#setting-absolute-position? That appears to cause a widget to stay in a fixed place on the screen.

  • Not really, if the listview takes up more space than what is available on the vertical axis, the footer won't be visible at the bottom of the screen until you scroll up. Thus the footer won't always be on a fixed position. Perhaps take a look at the link in my question to understand what I'm looking for. I'm aware that my drawing skills are not great to say the least 😄 – Bram Vanbilsen Apr 2 '18 at 23:56

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