I am creating a console application in which I need to perform some tasks in parallel so I am trying to use Hangfire.Net.

Can anyone please suggest me how to configure Hangfire.Net in .NET Core console application?

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  • in general, this hangfire documentation is still valid for .NET Core. Try it and post a question with the specific problem if you face one. Sorry, but right now this is an off-topic, as you ask for some kind of tutorial. – Set Apr 3 at 7:07

Configuration of Hangfire in .Net Core is quite state forward This will store it in the database.


using (var server = new BackgroundJobServer())
     Console.WriteLine("Hangfire Server started. Press any key to exit...");

Code ripped from documentation

  • he wants to do this in console app, not web – Set Apr 3 at 7:05
  • My bad i miss understood as all .net core applications are console applications. I have edited the answer. – DaImTo Apr 3 at 7:31

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