If you get JSON data from Instagram's API you will find a media_preview key, the value of which is some Base64-encoded data. It really looks like some very small preview binary data. Maybe compressed.

Take this post for example. It's just a black square and its preview is very small. Its JSON contains data['graphql']['media_preview'] = "ACoq5miiigAooooAKKKKACiiigAooooAKKKKACiiigAooooAKKKKAP/Z"

I could not reverse the code and find out how Instagram uses this data. What should I do to create a preview from this data?

I am not good at understanding minified js, but I think it draws blurred preview for "sensitive content" on a dynamically created canvas.

Here is a post with some sensitive content (medical) as an example

Update: I've noticed that b64decoded data always starts with 00 2A 2A and ends with FF D9.

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I've debugged a few lines of code and compiled this function for you. media_preview part of data is so small because full jpeg header already available in code as jpegtpl in my example:

function ig_media_preview(base64data) {
		t = atob(base64data),
		p = t.slice(3).split(""),
		o = t.substring(0, 3).split("").map(function(e) {
			return e.charCodeAt(0)
		c = atob(jpegtpl).split("");
	c[162] = String.fromCharCode(o[1]);
	c[160] = String.fromCharCode(o[2]);
	return base64data ? "data:image/jpeg;base64," + btoa(c.concat(p).join("")) : null
var data = "ACoq5miiigAooooAKKKKACiiigAooooAKKKKACiiigAooooAKKKKAP/Z";
var uri = ig_media_preview(data);
document.body.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', '<img src="' + uri + '">');

  • Try this: instagram.com/p/BgwalephZYo -> "ACoqg2t2br70wlv72aVYysgfaWUDHBz2x0qBrd9+4DjOfwzWXKVced1HWm8gnceT04pykA/WhpoLlmNKsbRVMOyhicf7OOv41B5z+ppJXKuIEB4q3b2m5sMO2cdM1TVhxuyOc5FakdqBh4mZTjhmOR+uP0rSUraBCKerKlzAI8OnRuMHqD/hVIsVx61cknlUlZCHB9Oh+npVPC9eefenG7VmTO19CxFI3JJ57cUwqD2/nUe/PC4o2vTUbbk83YkRWLY7eh6D3qzLKIh5a4b1I/zxVZjyfwqGPp+NDjd+Q1Jone4Z+AABTAoA9D+n0/zxSilrSxIhXPB4pm0VNn5B+NMpLULH/9k=" -- it makes damaged jpeg Apr 13, 2018 at 17:12
  • @AlexanderChzhen Looks like you missed c[162] and c[160] manipulation in your python example, correct me if I'm wrong.
    – 350D
    Apr 13, 2018 at 17:28
  • 1
    yes it seems like header[160] = data[2] and header[162] = data[1]. data[0] is useless. So final data is header + data[3:] Apr 14, 2018 at 6:20

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