Currently I'm trying to build a Sitemap using Azure Indexes. When using the Sitecore Context I only get the first 50 results, I need to page through the rest of the results to create my map.

See my current code below:

var queryable = searchContext.GetQueryable<GenericSearchItem>();
var results = queryable.GetResults();

 var pagemod = results.TotalSearchResults % 50;
 var pagecount = (results.TotalSearchResults - pagemod) / 50;
 for (int i=0;i<= pagecount+1; i++)
     var items= queryable.Page(i, 50).ToList();
     foreach (var item in items)
          var dbItem = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem(item.ItemId);
          listURl.Add(new UrlDefinition(Sitecore.Links.LinkManager.GetItemUrl(dbItem, options), dbItem.Statistics.Updated));
  return listURl;

Is there a better way to do this?


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You can use $count, $skip, and $top parameters to do the pagination, for example:

GET /indexes/onlineCatalog/docs?search=*$top=15&$skip=0&$count=true
GET /indexes/onlineCatalog/docs?search=*$top=15&$skip=15&$count=true
GET /indexes/onlineCatalog/docs?search=*$top=15&$skip=30&$count=true

For more information, please see paging results

  • Can you use this with the sitecore context?
    – gadgetgem
    Apr 13, 2018 at 21:51

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