I have already installed VS2017 Enterprise 15.6.4. Recently installed .NET Core 2.1.101 SDK from official site

I was expecting .NET Core 2.1 as one of the target framework available if I create console or asp.net core application. Can someone help me understanding what I am missing here.

As suggested in comments, I installed 15.7 preview 2. Still no luck and same issue.

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  • .NET Core 2.1 came out after 15.6.1. It's only available in the 15.7 previews. The SDK you downloaded is about 2.0 too. The SDK that targets Core 2.1 is 2.1.300-preview1 – Panagiotis Kanavos Apr 3 '18 at 12:06
  • @PanagiotisKanavos : you mean vs2017 15.7 preview version ? – Rahul Agarwal Apr 3 '18 at 12:07
  • Versions. It's at 15.7 Preview 2 now – Panagiotis Kanavos Apr 3 '18 at 12:08
  • @PanagiotisKanavos : ohk. I can try downloading from visualstudio.com/vs/preview. However, this available update never showed up any notification to update. – Rahul Agarwal Apr 3 '18 at 12:16
  • 3
    Previews don't show up as updates. They have to be manually installed, and they run along-side any existing VS installations. In order to use 2.1, currently, you have to run the VS 2017 preview, both to create the project and work on it. – Chris Pratt Apr 3 '18 at 12:50

I have faced the same problem. I solved this by installing the right SDKs with Runtime for .NET Core 2.1.

Basically to run/create 2.1 projects from VS Preview, you need to install the "2.1.300" (not 2.1.4) .NET Core SDKs and Runtime. https://www.microsoft.com/net/download/dotnet-core/sdk-2.1.300-preview1 (this includes required Runtime already)

The good explanation of this misleading with versions i found here https://github.com/dotnet/cli/issues/8309 (dasMulli commented on Feb 24).

  • Thx !! I will try and update sometime hopefully tomorrow. – Rahul Agarwal Apr 12 '18 at 12:55
  • 2
    Even with 2.1 stable release and 2.2 this problem still exisits – transformer Sep 8 '18 at 17:42
  • commenting to remind myself that i've faced this issue before and fixed it before. why can't this be fixed already... – kkarakk Apr 18 at 6:45

In case this helps someone else... After installing VS 15.9.2 my project that was working fine with 2.2 preview-3 stopped working. VS could not see the preview SDK. I could build the solution using dotnet.exe but not VS.

To solve this I created a global.json at the root folder of this solution pointing to the preview sdk. That allowed VS to see the preview version.

This is a change of behavior in VS between 15.8.x and 15.9.x.

To create the global.json you can navigate to the desired folder and type this:

dotnet new globaljson

  • Thanks a lot for that, I've had exactly the same issue. Hopefully this is a bug in VS. – Vidmantas Blazevicius Nov 28 '18 at 21:11
  • FWIW, I think this is an intended change in behavior so that new projects use the latest release bits instead of any installed previews. That way you have to intentionally opt in to the preview stuff. Just my take. – Will Tartak Nov 30 '18 at 22:37
  • My previous comment was correct. Confirmation at blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2018/11/13/… – Will Tartak Dec 3 '18 at 21:24
  • Ok cool, that actually makes sense when I think about it. Thanks for the letting us know. – Vidmantas Blazevicius Dec 4 '18 at 13:27

Make sure dotnet PATH variables are in correct order

If you have installed an SDK for a different system architecture (e.g., if you installed 32-bit/x86 SDK on a 64-bit computer), then a new entry in the PATH variable would have been created for that specific location (e.g., C:\Program Files\dotnet or C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet).

The problem is that Visual Studio, when searching for installed frameworks, will stop at the first PATH variable entry it finds that contains an SDK. So, if the first version you installed used an incorrect architecture, then you'll have to adjust the position of those entries before any of the correct SDKs will appear in the Target Framework drop down.

Source: this absurdly-hard-to-find comment within issue #8309.

TL;DR: Make sure the first "C:\Program Files\dotnet\" entry in your path variable you see in the list matches your system architecture:

  • 64-bit = C:\Program Files\dotnet\
  • 32-bit = C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet\

Make sure that Visual Studio 2017 is up to date. Go to "Tools" -> "Extensions and Updates" to install visual studio updates. This resolved the issue for me.


I have faced the similar situation I tried to install the preview version of the dot net but it did not help. However after I updated visual studio (from 15.8 to 15.9.6 ). I Could see dot net core 2.1 in the target framework.


Updated to Latest VS 2017 and installed latest .Net Core SDK. Changed global.json to point to latest version installed. This resolved for me.

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