The project in question is using 11 PouchDBs. To ensure syncing, all 11 DBs were instantiated (with sync) when the Angular 5 application was loaded/bootstrapped. Since sync did not function (due to the limitations set by browsers) we moved towards socket-pouch as a solution. We disabled sync on all DBs and incorporated socket-pouch sync to only one DB. The socketPouchServer runs on localhost:5000 & the CouchDB is hosted on DigitalOcean.

On running the system, the following logs are observed in the browser. As you can see, an "aborting" error is being logged. https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/26055473/38247973-8eef489a-3764-11e8-8411-6b5b20436d19.png

the code for the same is

import PouchDB from 'pouchdb';
import PouchDBFind from 'pouchdb-find';
import SocketPouchClient from 'socket-pouch/client';

PouchDB.adapter('socket', SocketPouchClient);

this.dailyMovementDB = new 
PouchDB(`${username}_${environment.REQUIRED_DB_VERSION_NUMBER}_daily-movement`, { auto_compaction: true });
    this.dailyMovementDBRemote = new PouchDB(
        adapter: 'socket',
        name: `${username}_${environment.REQUIRED_DB_VERSION_NUMBER}_daily-movement`,
        url: `${environment.REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL}`

    var syncHandler = this.dailyMovementDB.replicate.to(this.dailyMovementDBRemote
    ).on('change', function (change) {
        // yo, something changed!
        console.log('yo, something changed', change);
    }).on('paused', function (info) {
        console.log('replication was paused, usually because of a lost connection', info);
        // replication was paused, usually because of a lost connection
    }).on('active', function (info) {
        // replication was resumed
        console.log('replication was resumed', info);
    }).on('denied', function (info) {
        // handle complete
        console.log('denied', info);
    }).on('complete', function (info) {
        // handle complete
        console.log('handle complete', info);
    }).on('error', function (err) {
        // instance.createDailyMovementPouchDBs(username);
        // totally unhandled error (shouldn't happen)

And the following logs appear on localhost:5000 (socketPouchServer) https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/26055473/38248011-ac49b9ca-3764-11e8-8501-74576c8c1e1f.png

the following is the code for the socketPouchServer

var socketPouchServer = require('socket-pouch/server');

const PouchDB = require('pouchdb');

socketPouchServer.listen(5000, {
remoteUrl: 'http://remoteurl:5984',
}, () => {

Please guide how to resolve this issue.
  • I'm curious, when you declare new PouchDB, what is the value of URL you are using as ${environment.REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL}? – user3405291 Apr 3 '18 at 13:01
  • @user3405291 REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL: '159.xx.xxx.190:5984' – Clyde Mendonca Apr 4 '18 at 5:56
  • Why is the ${environment.REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL} pointing to your digital ocean droplet and NOT to your socketPouchServer? – user3405291 Apr 4 '18 at 6:00
  • My mistake. The value of REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL: '159.xx.xxx.190:5984'; was from another branch and is not the value used in the code in question. In the code in question, the value of REMOTE_COUCH_DB_BASE_URL is infact the socketPouchServer url which is 'ws://localhost:5000'. Again, apologies for the error in the comment. – Clyde Mendonca Apr 4 '18 at 7:39
  • In the code for the socketPouchServer, the remoteUrl is set to 'http://remoteurl:5984'. It is pointing to DigitalOcean droplet, right? – user3405291 Apr 4 '18 at 8:08

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