How to use sass loader with webpack 4? I read a lot about this and most sites recomended to use ExtractTextPlugin, but ExtractTextPlugin doesn't work with webpack 4.

I wrote following webpack.config.js:

const path = require('path');
const ClosureCompilerPlugin = require('webpack-closure-compiler');

module.exports = {
    module: {
        rules: [
             test: /\.scss$/,
             use: [{
                 loader: "style-loader"
             }, {
                 loader: "css-loader"
             }, {
                 loader: "sass-loader"
    plugins: [
        new ClosureCompilerPlugin({
            compiler: {
                language_in: 'ECMASCRIPT6',
                language_out: 'ECMASCRIPT3',
                compilation_level: 'ADVANCED'
            concurrency: 3,

Output .js file works well, but my .scss didn't compile to css. I'm tried to add entry points:

entry: {
    stylesheet: path.resolve('src', 'scss/styles.scss'),
    main: path.resolve('src', 'index.js')

and after this my styles.scss compiles to stylesheet.js, but i not to .css.

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You can use mini-css-extract-plugin.


I used the same plugin for extracting SASS to CSS using webpack 4 and it's working like a charm.


webpack 4 is not yet capable of outputting standalone *.css file on its own. To get a separate *.css file, you need to use the extract-text-webpack-plugin to pull out all the CSS into its own entry chunk. This is a good tutorial.

  • It hepls, but i am still can't get output main.css file. I'm trying to add stylesheet: path.resolve('src', 'scss/styles.scss'), to my entry in config file and i recive main.js, main.css and stylesheet.js(why?). I'm trying to require my styles inside index.js, but it always error(can't find module). Apr 4, 2018 at 8:47
  • @MaximZemskov try removing the css entry from your webpack config to see if it helps.
    – Huy Nguyen
    Apr 4, 2018 at 12:18
  • 3
    That extract-text-webpack-plugin doesn't work well with webpack 4. Instead, you should use this one: mini-css-extract-plugin
    – danielrvt
    Dec 24, 2018 at 21:33

You can use sass-loader@10.1.1 with Webpack 4, if that fits your requirements.

Version 11.0.0 of sass-loader introduced this minimum webpack 5 supported version breaking change. You can see a changelog at https://openbase.com/js/sass-loader/versions


The beta works well with webpack@4.13.0

npm install extract-text-webpack-plugin@next

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