I have the following method in my model

def reset_review_status
   needs_review = true

There is an attribute on the model called needs_review, however when I debug it, it saves it as a new variable. If I do self.needs_review=true, it works fine. I have no attr_accessible clause, although I do have one accepts_nested_attributes_for.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening?


When you define an attribute in ActiveRecord, the following methods are available

# gets the value for needs_review
def needs_review

# sets the value for needs_review
def needs_review=(value)

You can call the setter using

needs_review = "hello"

but this is the same way you set a variable. When you call the statement within a method, Ruby gives higher precedence to variables assignment, thus a variable with that name will be created.

def one
# variable needs_review created with value foo
needs_review = "foo"

# => returns the value of the variable

def two

# => returns the value of the method needs_review
# because no variable needs_review exists in the context
# of the method

As a rule of thumb:

  1. always use self.method_name = when you want to call the setter within a method
  2. optionally use self.method_name when a local variable with the same name exists in the context

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