Normally when I clone, add, commit or push using GitBash, I get the normal responses. Suddenly, after a routine reboot, GitBash's interaction with Github seems to be disconnected. It properly responds to the following commands.

git init


git add .

Normal response

git commit -m "commit notes"

Normal response

When it comes time to push to my Repositories on GitHub there's no response.

git push origin master

No response

This also happens when I've attempted to create a repository with an existing local project. I can add an origin, and when I check it with remote -v, it acknowledges the origin as a github repository, but when it comes time to push -u origin master, once again there's no response. It used to ask me for a username and password, but nothing now.

I also cannot clone existing repositories.

I had to force a cache wipe recently. Could that be the problem? How do I fix this?


It depends on your OS, Git version and URL used (https or SSH)

If it is used to ask for a username and a password, I would assume a git remote -v returns an HTTPS URL.

In that case, check the returned value of git config credential.helper: it could indicate a manager (like this one for Windows) having cached the wrong credentials for the github.com entry.

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