I'm trying to make a hybrid mobile application using PhoneGap (html, css, JavaScript) and i'm planning to add payment feature to the application, it should generate a QR code that contains user's information (regarding payment-the amount, the service that he's paying for), this wallet also should provide a QR code that shows a certain document for the user once it's get scanned.

I have been searching for wallet/passbook (which is available for ios only) but I didn't find a plugin that is suitable for both.

I will be thankful if anyone could provide me with information on how to solve this issue.

  • I guess the question wasn't clear as there might some confusion between the two requirement, I'm looking for a plugin similar to wallet/passbook but it should be for both ios and android, it must generate a QR code for the user and when it gets scanned it should show a certain document (pdf, picture) or just some information about the user. – Sara Apr 8 '18 at 6:06

Not sure whether this help or not. I found the following 2 options



  • Thank you, please refer to my comment above as I think that my question wasn't clear. – Sara Apr 8 '18 at 6:12

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