I try to write a network request function,Its role is to analyze the general format and provide data content to callbacks.

This is my defined class:

data class Response<T>(
    val code: Int = 0,
    var data: ArrayList<T>,
    val message: String = "")

in this class 'code' and 'message' is fixed,'data' has different types

Select one of data:

data class TestData(
    val createBy: String = "",
    val createTime: String = "",
    val name: String = "",
    val id: String = "")

There is my network request function:

fun <T> post(callBack: (ArrayList<T>) -> Unit) {
     override fun onSuccess(response:Response<String>) {
          val result = gson.fromJson<Response<T>>(response.body().reader(),Response::class.java)
              result.code==200-> callBack.invoke(result.data)

Use it at Activity:

       .post<TestData> {
            tv.text = it[0].name

When i use Gson parse the server returns data,and want use JavaBean ,Logcat throw this Exception:

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.google.gson.internal.LinkedTreeMap cannot be cast to com.example.network.response.TestData

i tried to use TypeToken to solve this problem ,but it also does not work.


It cause, because the parser can't fetch the real type T at runtime. This extension works for me

inline fun Gson.fromJson(json: String) = this.fromJson(json, object: TypeToken() {}.type)!!

Then you need modify as in you methods, as IDE recommend you.

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