I need to perform certificate revocation checks. The user must be allowed to select either OCSP-only, CRL-only, or both. The project is using C#, but .NET does not offer independent OCSP/CRL checks out-of-the-box.

By default, Windows first checks OCSPs and if OCSP servers are not accessible, only then checks CRLs. For details:

This is not what must be implemented, and the requirements cannot be changed.

Win32 API apparently allows to perform certificate revocation checks using OCSP-only:

I don't see any similar option for CLR-only checks.

The only way to do it, as I see it, would be to use


Is there any other easier way to perform CRL-only checks using Win32?


Third party libraries like Bouncy Castle for e.g. do not do everything that Windows does for revocation checking and I would prefer not to reinvent the wheel.

That's why I would stick to the Win32 methods since they already handle many things: delta CRLs, stapled OCSP, caching, timeouts, retries, configurability etc.

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  • The only reason against crypt32.dll is cross-paltform support. If you don't mind (at the moment) about your code support in other operating systems, then I Win32 is ok as long as it solves your task. – Crypt32 Apr 4 '18 at 15:18