I use a .csv file to bulk insert into my SQL Server database. The problem is DestinationTableName because when I use a string for DestinationTableName, I get error exception

System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot access destination table

as you can see in the screenshot.

If a use "test" like copy.DestinationTableName = "test"; it works fine

enter image description here

string symbolName = dt.Rows[1][0].ToString();

string strConnection = @"Data Source =.\SQLEXPRESS; AttachDbFilename = C:\USERS\JEF\DOCUMENTS\DATABASE1.MDF; Integrated Security = True; Connect Timeout = 30; User Instance = True";
SqlConnection condb2 = new SqlConnection(strConnection);

string createTablerow ="create table ['"+symbolName+"'] (code1 VARCHAR(100) COLLATE Arabic_CI_AI_KS_WS,date1 varchar(50),open1 varchar(50),high1 varchar(50),low1 varchar(50),close1 varchar(50),vol1 varchar(50))";

using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(strConnection))
    SqlCommand command1 = new SqlCommand(createTablerow, connection);

using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(strConnection))

    using (SqlBulkCopy copy = new SqlBulkCopy(cn))
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(0, "code1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(1, "date1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(2, "open1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(3, "high1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(4, "low1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(5, "close1");
        copy.ColumnMappings.Add(6, "vol1");

        copy.DestinationTableName = symbolName;

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    creating a table with a hyphen in the name is just asking for problems; you could try escaping it - i.e. make sure copy.DestinationTableName = "[" + symbolName + "]"; - but I don't know whether that'll help. Frankly, my advice would be: "don't create table names with hyphens in them" Apr 4, 2018 at 22:59
  • thats work tnx so much
    – Jeff
    Apr 4, 2018 at 23:07

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Just like you did when you created the table:

"create table ['"+symbolName+"']

the trick here is probably to escape the table name to compensate for the hyphen in it, so:

copy.DestinationTableName = "[" + symbolName + "]";

Note: if possible, it is usually preferable to stick to names that don't need escaping. But... if it works.

  • "create table ["+symbolName+"] this work for me , maybe something wrong
    – Jeff
    Apr 4, 2018 at 23:24

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