I have followed the steps in integrating Ionic Material Design into an Ionic Project. Below is the list of what I have done:

  1. ionic start ionicMaterial blank
  2. bower install ionic-material
  3. bower install robotodraft
  4. Added the JS and CSS libs in out Ionic index.html page enter image description here

On the Fifth it instructs to Inject Ionic Material into your Ionic App like so: var app = angular.module('YOUR_APP_NAME', ['ionic', 'ionic-material']);

Where and how will I inject it in my Ionic project? I have the app.module.ts and app.component.ts. But how and where do I insert the code mentioned since it even asks me to put in my application name angular.module('YOUR_APP_NAME', ['ionic', 'ionic-material']).


Below line is for Ionic 1 framework, it's not for Ionic 3.

var app = angular.module('YOUR_APP_NAME', ['ionic', 'ionic-material']);

You can add it in app.module.ts as a external module import, if Ionic material is supported in Ionic 3.


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