When I want to deploy my Project onto my Windows Lumia 640, in debug mode everything is OK, but on release the app fails immediately. Details of the exception:

Exception thrown at 0x77269C83 (ntdll.dll) in Program.exe: 0xC0000139: Entry Point Not Found. The thread 0x994 has exited with code -1073741511 (0xc0000139). The program '[2296] Program.exe' has exited with code -1073741511 (0xc0000139) 'Entry Point Not Found'.

I have really no idea what to do since my NuGet packages are updated. Sadly this exception won't localize the location of the problem...


It is a know issues that you should close Complie with .net native tool chain

In your project property that you can see the Build tab.

Close the Complie with .net native tool chain

Then you should rebuild the project and it can run.

See UWP app fails to start because of 'Entry Point Not Found' exception · Issue #267 · xamarin/Xamarin.Auth

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