Is it possible to replicate this navigation bar transition effect using Cupertino Widgets?

enter image description here

I may not be using the widgets correctly.
And looking at some examples, I have not found any that shows exactly this effect.


The simple answer is not currently. See this bug - it's something that's being considered by the flutter team but not currently implemented. It's in the Milestone they hope to complete by the 1.0 release (but that could be a while).

That being said, you could do it yourself with a bit of work. You could start with something like the answer here but animate the AppBar instead of the NavigationBar. Not a particularly pretty solution, but it would work.

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  • Oh and BTW if you use the CupertinoPageScaffold, CupertinoNavigationBar & CupertinoPageRoute it will get you everything except the cross-fade on the app bar (i.e. push from side, etc). – rmtmckenzie Apr 5 '18 at 17:34

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