I tried to send SMS and listed the from as our Main Company Number but it would not go out. Said Phone number doesn't belong to extension per the error below. The RC account I am using for running my API calls does not have a phone line/number assigned.

Do I have to be logged in with the account that matches the from phone number?

  "errorCode": "FeatureNotAvailable",
  "message":  "Phone number doesn't belong to extension",
  "errors": [
      "errorCode": "MSG-304",
      "message": "Phone number doesn't belong to extension"

You can send SMS from the Main Company Number for a single user or multiple users using the following approaches:

Scenario 1: Send and Respond using a single user

In-order to send SMS from the main company number:

  1. Set the Operator Extension
  2. Authorize using the Operator Extension
  3. Send SMS using the Main Company Number

Operator Extension: When a caller presses 0 (zero) or does not enter an extension number, the system connects the call to the designated operator extension by default. An Administrator can configure the operator extension to have different call handling rules.

Scenario 2: Send and Respond using Multiple Users

In-order to send and SMS from Main Company Number and respond to it using multiple users, set up a call-queue and configure the operator extension to point to the Call Queue.

  1. Create a Call-Queue and assign a password to it.
  2. Set the Operator Extension to point to Call Queue.
  3. Authorize using the Operator Extension ( Call Queue )
  4. Send SMS using the Main Company Number

More info is available here:


To verify the numbers your user extension can send SMS from, call the following endpoint:

GET /restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/extension/{extensionId}/phone-number

This will return an array of phone numbers. Check the features property. The ones that can be used will have the SMSSender and/or MMSSender features. More info on this is available in the Developer Guide:


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