How do I get the file extension from a filename-string in Erlang, even if there may be a dot in the filename itself, e.g.: Filename This.Great.Image.jpg?


  • Get the last index of '.' And make substring starting from that index. – KYHSGeekCode Apr 6 at 8:06

The filename module in the stdlib has an extension/1 function which works the way you want. See

Another solution (which is also a great mental exercise) is to use recursion and pattern matching based on the fact that Erlang strings are just lists of codepoints.


ext(Filename) -> ext(Filename, "").

ext([46 | Rest], _)  -> ext(Rest, Rest);   % "." == 46
ext([_ | Rest], Acc) -> ext(Rest, Acc);
ext(_, Acc)          -> Acc.

Then fileutils:ext("my.coolest.file.jpg") will get you "jpg".

EDIT: As Dogbert has suggested in the comment, you can use $. to get the codepoint of . instead of hardcoding 46.

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    Tip: you can use $. instead of 46 to get the codepoint of the character .. – Dogbert Apr 7 at 6:45
  • @Dogbert that's a very cool one, thanks for the tip. – Pie 'Oh' Pah Apr 7 at 15:45

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