I am merging two datasets based on District names (fuzzy matching) in Stata using the matchit package. Though matchit works fine in case there is no if or by condition on other variables, I need such if or by conditions before matchit is executed on the desired variables.

An example of the scenario is:

by countrynames: matchit iddistrict district using "abc", idu(id) txtu(district) sim(soundex)


matchit iddistrict district using "abc", idu(id) txtu(district) sim(soundex) if countrynames=="xyz"
  • Cross-posted at statalist.org/forums/forum/general-stata-discussion/general/… Telling people about cross-posting is widely appreciated as polite, and not doing so widely deprecated. – Nick Cox Apr 6 at 10:14
  • The second syntax would be illegal as the if condition is misplaced. But if you want to apply matchit to a subset, drop the other observations first. If you want to apply matchit separately to different subsets, run it repeatedly on those subsets as separate datasets. I don't work in this territory so can't comment on what is good or poor procedure otherwise. – Nick Cox Apr 6 at 10:20
  • I don't think this is a good question for Stack Overflow. It's understood that a program doesn't do what you want, but precisely what you're expecting isn't clear. It's rarely trivial to tinker with a substantial program, as it requires understanding of what the program is doing and what makes sense as well of Stata syntax. – Nick Cox Apr 6 at 10:25

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