So, today in the morning I closed down IntelliJ(2017.3.3) after doing some programming as usual and everything worked great. Now suddenly when I try to open any of my projects this is the view I am greeted with:enter image description here

After searching for a solution for this issue I managed to get the projects working by doing the following steps:

  1. File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> + -> Import -> The project .iml file
  2. File -> Project Structure -> Project -> Project SDK -> Java 8 in my case
  3. File -> Project Structure -> Project -> Project language level -> 8
  4. File -> Project Structure -> Project -> Project compiler output -> The path to the out folder of the specific project(the whole path from D:\ to it)
  5. Navigate to Main class in project structure and alt+enter to add it to run configurations.
  6. Finally able to run the project

Now this would be fine if I had to do it once, configuration corruption or whatever happens, but I have to do this every single time I open a project for some reason. I tried restarting my PC, reinstalling 2017.3.3, installing 2018.1 and the issue persists whatever I do. Also there were no visible errors in relation to this issue in any of the above scenarios, steps, installs and so on.

  • Jet brains has pretty good support if you post in their community forums. Also, have you recently opened the project using a different Jetbrains IDE? – user5051310 Apr 6 '18 at 22:29
  • @Terminus Yeah planning to post there as well, in the morning, thx. I did not try to open it with a different Jetbrains IDE. – simon101 Apr 6 '18 at 22:31

Well it turns out the issue was related to me using OneDrive to backup my data. I assume OneDrive updated at some point and activated Files On-Demand. The issue is documented here. For me personally a solution that worked was:

  1. Right click the OneDrive tray icon
  2. Click settings
  3. Click the settings tab
  4. Disable the Save space and download files as you use them option under Files On-Demand.
  5. Wait for your files to sync up completely, IntelliJ project load is back to normal.
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I tried disabling Themed status bar in Material Theme Advanced Settings and it started working for me.

From: IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences > Material Theme > Advanced Settings > Other Tweaks Tab 

Disable "Themed Title Bar" by unchecking the box here.

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