I want to create a CouchDB database with some POI's. Is there a way/query to get poi's within a certain radius (lets say 50 meters) from a given lat/long position?

I saw an extension https://github.com/couchbase/geocouch , but this means I have to recompile CouchDB, but at this moment I don't have admin access to do that.

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I have an alternative proposal for your use case. The proposal is to use geohashes.

You can store the position in the document as a geohash. The lenght of the geohash will depends on the precission you would like to store.

Let consider that you stored the position with around 150 meters precession. In this case, you'll have a geohash of 7 characters like 'gbsukp7'. Check this for testing.

Then your map function can be redefined in this way:

function (doc) {
 emit([doc.geohash.substr(0,4), /* 39.1km × 19.5km bounding box */
      doc.geohash.substr(0,5), /* 4.89km ×  4.89km bounding box */
      doc.geohash.substr(0,6), /* 1.22km ×  0.61km bounding box */
      doc.geohash /* 153m × 153m bounding box */

With this approach you can have a simple mechanism to get the documents located in the same bounding box than the point of refrence.

It is not perfect but could be an option

  • Hmm .. But I dont understand how to set the box dynamicly. I mean, this would be like an app that would get the poi's within the box, so I need to supply the box data each time. So the box is not hardcoded. – fransyozef Apr 10 at 8:20
  • oh wait .. I just realised .. I can calculate the centerpoint geohash and send that to the view. Then in my couchDB I already have documents with calculated geohashes and then match that – fransyozef Apr 10 at 8:24
  • You don't need to calculate the center point, just encode the reference position as a geohash with the precission you require. Then use it in the view filtering: ...?startkey=["gbsu"]&endkey=["gbsu",{}] – Juanjo Rodriguez Apr 10 at 15:07
  • Yeah .. that's what I meant :) – fransyozef Apr 10 at 17:56

Solved it and made a map function:

function (doc) {

// Leidse plein
latitude = 52.3648111;
longitude = 4.8810906;

distance = Math.acos(
  Math.sin(doc.latitude * Math.PI / 180) * 
  Math.sin(latitude * Math.PI / 180) 
  Math.cos(doc.latitude * Math.PI / 180) * 
  Math.cos(latitude * Math.PI / 180) * 
  Math.cos((doc.longitude - longitude) * Math.PI / 180)) * 6371;

  // all poi's within 5km radius
  if(distance <= 5 ) {
      emit([doc.title,doc.latitude,doc.longitude], distance);

  • I'm curious, what is the 6371 constant value you are multiplying? – user3405291 Apr 9 at 2:22
  • The earth radius in KM – fransyozef Apr 9 at 5:54
  • Are the values latitude = 52.3648111; and longitude = 4.8810906; always constant? Don't you need to change them? – user3405291 Apr 9 at 6:22
  • 1
    I'm still figuring that out ;) . will post here when I have a working example – fransyozef Apr 9 at 8:27
  • 1
    Yeah so just figured out, the map function doesn't accept custom GET uri variables :( So I cannot set the centerpoint – fransyozef Apr 10 at 8:21

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