I'm trying to make a proper project, like the one setup when you go through the Kotlin wizard or something, but I can't figure it out.

class SpigotKtWizard : ModuleBuilder() {

override fun setupRootModel(modifiableRootModel: ModifiableRootModel?) {}

override fun getModuleType(): ModuleType<*> {
    return SpigotKtModuleType.instance

override fun createWizardSteps(wizardContext: WizardContext, modulesProvider: ModulesProvider): Array<ModuleWizardStep> {
    return arrayOf(BuildOptionsStep())

override fun createProject(name: String?, path: String?): Project? {
    val project = super.createProject(name, path) ?: return null
    val d = project.baseDir.createChildData(this, "Test")
    File(d.path).writeText("Testing boyyyy")
    return project


This is what I have currently, and I'm getting this:

But other projects (and specifically, the same design I'm trying to achieve), look more like this:

Is there a page in the docs that I missed?

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In pic 2 you're displaying a "project" instead of a "module", see the offical doc.

You may want to implement a DirectoryProjectGeneratorBase<YourSettingsBean> and register a (as an example you may refer to this file my julia plugin) directoryProjectGenerator in plugin.xml.

In your implementation of generateProject, you can create files, set files as source root/test root/excluded root by using:

    ApplicationManager.getApplication().runWriteAction {
        val modifiableModel: ModifiableRootModel = ModifiableModelsProvider.SERVICE.getInstance().getModuleModifiableModel(module)
        module.rootManager.modifiableModel.apply {
            contentEntries.firstOrNull()?.apply {
                addExcludeFolder(findOrCreate(baseDir, "out", module))
                addSourceFolder(findOrCreate(baseDir, "src", module), false)

This should be missing in the doc, BTW. So it's not your fault. But I recommend you to take a look at the existing plugin projects (like the julia plugin mentioned above, the mathemetica plugin or the covscript plugin), which are extremely helpful for new comers.

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