I have a core, shared and many features modules in an Angular 5 app. Each of these features modules are lazy loaded.

Almost all of them have dependencies on each other. As an example, I have a lazy loaded message module that depends on another lazily loaded module (not core, not shared) for resolving route data.

When I compile the app with yarn start, everything works fine. Though, when I try to build the app with ng build --prod and the AOT kicks in, I'm getting the following error :

ERROR in: Encountered undefined provider! Usually, this means you have a circular dependency (might be caused by using 'barrel' index.ts files.

What bugs me is the fact that no circular dependencies are flagged on build time.

If I build the app without AOT, with ng build --no-aot --prod, I'm getting no error and everything works fine.

I tried to eject the app from the angular CLI to directly build the app with the webpack task, but with no result or detail on what's happening.

Where do I start to debug this problem?

I'm using a lot of barrel files in my app. Each of them has a similar structure like this (style borrowed from Todd Motto's NGRX course) :

import { AlertsComponent } from '@alerts/containers/alerts/alerts.component';
import { AlertComponent } from '@alerts/containers/alert/alert.component';

export const containers: Array<any> = [AlertsComponent, AlertComponent];

export * from '@alerts/containers/alerts/alerts.component';
export * from '@alerts/containers/alert/alert.component';

And these containers are spread in the module like this :

import * as fromAlertsContainers from '@alerts/containers';
import * as fromCoreGuards from '@core/guards';

    imports: [RouterModule.forChild(routes), SharedModule, CommonModule],
    providers: [...fromCoreGuards.guards],
    declarations: [...fromAlertsContainers.containers],
    exports: [...fromAlertsContainers.containers]
export class AlertsModule {}

I'm a doing something wrong ? Why does it work with yarn start and not with ng build --prod?

Testing #1 : using forwardRef as a patch.

Currently testing the following solution, I'll keep you in touch if it works/fix the problem :

@Inject(forwardRef(() => ApiService))
private apiService: ApiService


Here is how I fixed the problem.

  1. Removed all the providers from the AppModule.
  2. Reinserting each of them one by one.
  3. After each insert, I ran ng build --prod then waited for the build result.
  4. It turns out, I had the following code that caused the circular

    dependency : providers: [ Location, { provide: LocationStrategy, useClass: PathLocationStrategy }, { provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, useClass: AuthTokenInterceptor, multi: true } ]

PathLocationStrategy needed Location and Location needed PathLocationStrategy.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue with Ionic 3 & Angular 5.
    – Huan
    Apr 10, 2018 at 9:05
  • Do you know any way to output a verbose log of the build command ? I.E., what's happening behind the scenes ?
    – user390749
    Apr 10, 2018 at 15:57
  • Dunno yet... I had two ngModules wroten by my self, they all work without any problem with JIT mode, but can not compile with AOT. github.com/Chatie/db/issues/30 github.com/zixia/auth-angular/issues/1
    – Huan
    Apr 10, 2018 at 16:33
  • Have you tried to eject the project from the CLI and build it with an NPM task directly ?
    – user390749
    Apr 10, 2018 at 16:58
  • What I did is use the npm script from ionic: npm run ionic:build --prod
    – Huan
    Apr 10, 2018 at 17:01


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