I am new to Kotlin and am still trying to learn it. I have been researching this problem for several hours now and still have not figured it out. I want to get an element from inside of a list by it's index. I figured out how to do this with a plain list, like so

val my_list = listOf(1,2,3)

The above works, but when I try to do this with a list that is stored inside of a map

val my_list = mutableMapOf<String, Any>()

my_list["set1"] = listOf(1,2,3)
my_list["set2"] = listOf("A","B","C")
my_list["set3"] = listOf("d","e","f")

val sub_list = my_list["set1"]


I get the following error

Unresolved reference. None of the following candidates is applicable because of receiver type mismatch: @InlineOnly public inline operator fun <@OnlyInputTypes K, V> Map.get(key: Int): ??? defined in kotlin.collections @SinceKotlin public operator fun MatchGroupCollection.get(name: String): MatchGroup? defined in kotlin.text

Note: I primarily use Python, so that is what I am used to. The functionality from Python that I am trying to reproduce in Kotlin is having a dictionary of lists.


The problem is the type declaration of your map, it should be:

val my_list = mutableMapOf<String, List<Any>>()

Any doesn't have a get() method, so there's no way to invoke it.

Even when that problem is solved, you'll probably have to deal with nullability, though, as:

val sub_list = my_list["set1"]

Will return List<Any>?, which means that my_list might not have a value for the specified key. If that's the case, you'll have to do something like:

sub_list?.get(0)?.run { println(it) }

Which in turn, could also cause an exception if the sub_list is empty. That could be solved with something more like:

vsub_list?.firstOrNull()?.run { println(it) }

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