I'm attempting to use CompletableFuture to write a large number of pixels on a JavaFX canvas, and my method does not seem to be completing its task despite no exceptions being thrown.

I'm new to asynchronous programming and am not sure where I should begin, but I thought this might work from what info I've gathered.

I'm attempting to use:

CompletableFuture.runAsync(() -> {

to call:

private void drawMandelbrot() {

    gc.clearRect(0,0,UISpecs.CANVAS_SIZE.getValue(),UISpecs.CANVAS_SIZE.getValue()); // clears canvas of any previously set pixels
    gc.setFill(Color.BLACK); // set canvas background to be black
    gc.fillRect(0,0,UISpecs.CANVAS_SIZE.getValue(),UISpecs.CANVAS_SIZE.getValue()); // set canvas background

    for(double a = -2; a <= 2; a+=.001) {
        for(double b = -2; b <= 2; b+=.001) {
            c = new Complex(a,b);
            col = pickColor(doIterations(c));
            p.setColor(mandelbrot.getX(a), mandelbrot.getY(b), col);
} // drawMandelbrot()

My complex(a,b) and pickColor(i) methods are quite trivial, both do very small and simple operations. So I believe my nested loops are what is causing my trouble.

Any guidance or input is greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming gc is a GraphicsContext assigned to a Canvas that is currently part of the scene graph (displayed in any stage/window), your code will throw an exception for trying to modify the scene graph from a thread other than the JavaFX thread. This exception will have been caught by the CompletableFuture, and you should be able to see it using the get method.
    – Itai
    Apr 8, 2018 at 7:18
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    I am assuming your application doesn't exits before the computation is complete. Despite your statement that no exceptions are being thrown I don't see any checks in your code to check them, pls add CompletableFuture.runAsync().exceptionally() to check for exceptions.
    – amritanshu
    Apr 9, 2018 at 11:16

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CompletableFuture is an implementation of the Future interface and you want your pixels to be rendered onto the canvas asynchronously but you are not waiting for the future to complete its computation ,

CompletableFuture<Void> completableFuture =CompletableFuture.runAsync(() -> {

The documentation for CompletableFuture.get() puts it clearly : Waits for the async computation to finish and then returns

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