I open the db using OpenForReadOnly and I want it really just do readonly. But It actually create a lot of log files. How to disable it.

::rocksdb::DB* result;
::rocksdb::Options options;
options.create_if_missing = false;
options.keep_log_file_num = 1;
options.info_log_level = ::rocksdb::InfoLogLevel::FATAL_LEVEL;
options.recycle_log_file_num = 1;
::rocksdb::DB::OpenForReadOnly(options, path, &result);

This is what I tried to disable the log. And it's not working

  • I think you should also set stats_dump_period_sec to 0. If you can't get rid of it you could always set db_log_dir to a directory which you just discard afterwards. If you need more help, including the log entires you still get would be helpful. Of course you can also implement your own logger, which just drops everything.
    – midor
    May 29, 2018 at 9:23


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