One of the external libraries that my app uses have spaces in its logcat tag:

Log.d("Some External Library", "Debug Message");

How do I write the filter-spec in the logcat command to handle spaces? Logcat inside eclipse was able to filter it but I prefer the command line.

I've tried the following and they don't work:

adb logcat -s "Some External Library"
adb logcat -s Some\ External\ Library
adb logcat -s Some External Library
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    adb logcat|grep "Some External Library"
    – bhups
    Feb 11, 2011 at 16:41

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So my advice would be to use an pipe. Write:

adb logcat | grep 'Some External Library'

Maybe someone else has another idea.

If you need only debug messages write adb logcat '*:D' | grep 'Some External Library' for more possible tags write adb logcat --help

The problem with this is, you can't use this solution in an adb shell environment, because the file-system there is read-only. But this solution should give you more or less the results you want.

Commands like adb logcat -s 'Some External Library' or logcat -s '"Some External Library":D' are not working.

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This is a known bug.


Wish you had reported it 13 years ago but.

And... you have to disable the debug output of the logcat command itself or you get a false match everytime.

Here is the complete command

timeout 2 adb -s M7H2345000687 logcat -T 2 -m 1 -e 'setCallState NEW .. RINGING' 'ADB_SERVICES:*'

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