I'm a beginner iOS developer.

I'm trying to import and show the 3D object (https://poly.google.com/view/1zS7ucaAd4J) on Xcode by using ARKit.

Although I converted the 3D object from .obj to .scn, the texture of the 3D object is crashed.

the screen capture of my Xcode

I'd appreciate it if you would point out my wrong setting.


How did you convert your object to .scn file? I Use Blender application to convert .obj files to .dae which can be directly imported to the ARKit project and it works pretty good. You can also convert the .dae file to .scn very simply by xcode.

  • As you advised, I could import the 3D object after converting the .obj file to .dae by using Blender. Thank you very much!! – loveCat Apr 12 '18 at 7:52
  • you can convert online .obj to .dae there are lots of online tools available no need to download blender : check this link to convert model extension greentoken.de/onlineconv – Shubham Tomar Apr 23 at 4:53

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