I would like to have a discord bot reply to a message made in a public channel via a private message.

I am able to detect whether a channel is private or not using the following code from the FAQ:

func isTheChannelTheMessageWasSentInPrivate(s *discordgo.Session, m *discordgo.MessageCreate) {
    channel, err := s.State.Channel(m.ChannelID)
    if err != nil {
    } else if m.Author.ID == s.State.User.ID {
    channelIsPrivate := strconv.FormatBool(channel.IsPrivate)
    print("Channel ID: " + m.ChannelID + ". Is it private? " + channelIsPrivate + "\n")

And I can reply to a message on the same channel it was received using this code:

func recieveMessage(s *discordgo.Session, m *discordgo.MessageCreate) {
    s.ChannelMessageSend(m.ChannelID, "Reply!")

But I can't figure our how to get the ChannelID of a user's direct message channel from the Message object that is available upon receiving a message.

  • I think this is a bit confusing, maybe it's just me. It seems like you already know how to the get the ChannelID from the Message object. Message.ChannelID Apr 8, 2018 at 23:36
  • Message.ChannelID is the public channel the message was sent on. I would like to reply to the private channel of the user who sent the message. Apr 9, 2018 at 20:49

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The session struct has a method UserChannelCreate(recipientID string), which returns the DM channel for given userID. Don't mind the 'Create', if a DM channel already exists, it will be reused.

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