I'm using create-react app. In order to view the project in the browser locally:

  1. In the command line, in the application directory I type the command npm start
  2. In the browser I type http://localhost:3000/ for the URL on the same computer (Or other port I specify).

I'd like to be able to access the project from browsers on other computers as well. This is for the purpose of QA. How can I set it? Is there a way to set it in the package.json file, and without npm eject?

  • Are the other machines on the same network? You can just access it using your machine IP?
    – Satej S
    Apr 8, 2018 at 12:36
  • @SatejS, the other computer are on the same network. I tried accessing them with my API, it works for a tomcat server I run on Eclipse, but not for my React project. The URL I tried is: `${ip}:${port}.
    – Ben Carp
    Apr 8, 2018 at 13:58

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You can establish Public Connection using ngrok. When you run ngrok you instantly get a public address to your local development machine. You share generated public Ngrok link (viz. http://92832de0.ngrok.io) with other users. They connect to Ngrok and this connection between their pc and Ngrok is referred to as Public Connection

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