I'm very new to WSL. I want to run a python code on ubuntu shell on my win10 PC. This code needs access to webcam, but it seems that the webcam is not opened properly..I have checked online and I found several posts 1-2 years ago which said that the integrated webcam cannot be accessed by WSL..Is there any update or trick that can use webcam on WSL?

Many thanks!


According to this GitHub issue, hardware access is not supported yet in WSL:

Ben Hillis: FUSE is definitely on our backlog, but will be a significant amount of work. Hardware access is another area we will be investigating in the future.

All hardware related CLI tools seem to fail (dmesg, lsblk, lsusb returns nothing, /dev is empty...) so it looks like this statement is still valid today.

  • Yeah IKR. In time, I guess we have to wait for the development and use native Linux instead. Please accept the answer if you find it helpful. :) – Rex Low Apr 8 '18 at 13:11
  • 1
    Any update on this? has this changed? – Rika Jan 16 at 16:14

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