I'm getting started with CouchDB, and have started building an application. I can write and read just fine using CURL, but i've started to try and search, using _find, and i get an error stating "Referer Header Required".

curl -X POST http://localhost:5984/mydb/_find -d '{"selector":{"member.email":"foo@bar.com"}}


{"error":"bad_request","reason":"Referer header required."}

When I try and add a "Referer" host in the call, it just says the referer needs to match the host, but I don't know what host it means.

curl -X POST http://localhost:5984/mydb/_find -d '{"selector":{"member.email":"matthew"}}' -H "Referer: localhost" {"error":"bad_request","reason":"Referer header must match host."}

I've tried all sorts of combinations, using the localhost, the with and without the port numbers, I've tried with X-Forwarded-Host, I've find a dozen related articles about POST vs PUT, and versioning, but I've come to a dead end, and just can't figure out what I'm missing.

nb. I'm running couchdb1.7.x on an OSX laptop.

  • The referer has to be a URL, not just a hostname. You might still get another error after that because I don't think it needs a referer for such a query. – Eric Darchis Jul 3 at 6:50
  • @EricDarchis i think i tried every possible combination - IP address, hostnames, fully qualified URLs, paths, all sorts. – Matthew Knight Jul 4 at 7:21

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