I was wondering if there was a way to get ClojureScript destructuring to work with JavaScript objects, such as:

(let [{:keys [a b]} #js{:a 10, :b 20}]
  (print a)  ;=> I get nil, but I'd want to get 10
  (print b)) ;=> I get nil, bu I'd want to get 20

Thank You

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Associative destructuring is based on get, which can be mapped onto goog.object/get for JavaScript objects by extending them to ILookup:

(extend-type object
   ([o k] 
     (goog.object/get o (name k)))
   ([o k not-found] 
     (goog.object/get o (name k) not-found))))

I haven't found a direct way to destructure JS object. You can convert JavaScript object to a ClojureScript datastructure and then destructure:

(let [{:keys [a b]} (js->clj #js {:a 10 :b 20}
                             :keywordize-keys true)]
  (print a)
  (print b))

If you don't use :keywordize-keys option in js->clj you need to use strs instead of keys in the destructuring

(let [{:strs [a b]} (js->clj #js {:a 10 :b 20})]
  (print a)
  (print b))

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