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What I'm trying to do is the following. My script reads the name of folders in current directory:

for D in */ ; do echo $D done

The result is:

folder1/ folder2/ folder3/

After this I can use the $D for other purposes. I have another variable : PATH What I want to do is make variable PATH dependent of the $D in a form of a list or something.

Like if $D is folder1/ then PATH is /var/lib/idk

if $D is folder2/ then PATH is /home/lib/user

if $D is folder3/ then PATH is something completly different

Then i'd like to use $PATH in an svn checkout like this

svn checkout svn://svn.something.local/home/idk/$PATH

I've red that it's possible with array, but the examples are too compicated for someone on my level. Can someone make a more simple example?

Thanx in advance

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    You're modifying $PATH? I strongly suggest you use another name, e.g. lowercase $path. – iBug Apr 9 '18 at 8:47

First of all, uppercase variable names are not recommended, and PATH is a perfect example of why not!

Since you tagged Bash, you could use an associative array:


declare -A paths
  [folder3/]='something completely different' 

for dir in */; do
  echo svn checkout svn://svn.something.local/home/idk/$path

Remove the echo if you're happy with the output.


Use case:

case $D in
    path=some other thing
    echo "Error, Unknown variable D"

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