I use Angular Material in my application and also Angular Material dialogs. After closing a dialog either action A or action B should be executed depending on the button clicked:

dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(() => {
    // if close button was clicked do action A
    // if other button was clicked do action B

Is there a possibility to detect which button was clicked in afterClosed method?

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You can close the dialog with custom data. Like this:

in your dialog component:

@Component({/* ... */})
export class YourDialog {
  constructor(public dialogRef: MatDialogRef<YourDialog>) { }

  closeA() {

  closeB() {

  closeDialog(button: 'A' | 'B') {

handle close like this:

dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {
  if (result === 'A') {
    // handle A button close

  if (result === 'B')
    // handle B button close

And since afterClosed() is an observable, you can filter this stream to create a more declarative solution:

const closedA$ = dialogRef.afterClosed().pipe(filter(result => result === 'A'));
const closedB$ = dialogRef.afterClosed().pipe(filter(result => result === 'B'));

closedA$.subscribe( // handle A);
closedB$.subscribe( // handle B);

The way that I currently using is to pass an string from dialog while closing like :

this.dialogRef.close('A or B or whatever');

and I use them outside like this :

  dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe((result: any) => {
    if (resuld === 'A'){
      // if close button was clicked do action A
    } else if (resuld === 'B') {
      // if other button was clicked do action B

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