This command sets an environment variable ("CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES") for a python script before running.

$ CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=2,3 python my_script.py  # Uses GPUs 2 and 3.

It works fine on a Linux machine but on Windows, it says that

'CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Is it possible to do that on Windows without altering the python script?

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    What about set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=2,3 & python my_script.py ? – Adonis Apr 9 '18 at 14:46
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    did you try export CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=2,3 ? – Stefan Apr 9 '18 at 14:46

For a one liner simply run on Windows:

set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=2,3 & python my_script.py
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For windows, this worked for me too, thanks to Adonis. you have two options

  1. on the command line you can use the following command

    set TF_CUDNN_USE_AUTOTUNE=0 CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=1 & python demo\singleperson.py

  2. on the main python file, put the following lines, below import things

     import os

then run the python file on the command line

python demo\singleperson.py
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