How can I make the list separated by comma formatted as "param1","param2","param3",.."paramN"?

Im using Decision Manager.

In Decision Table

|                  **Condition**                     |
|         **productDescription in ($param)**         |
|          FITI,FMSG,MSGC,RUNT,BEAU,LING-            |

On Source

when productDescription in (FITI,FMSG,MSGC,RUNT,BEAU,LING)

I tried putting "$param" but returned productDescription in ("FITI,FMSG,MSGC,RUNT,BEAU,LING")

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

  • I have tried to use forall but it doesn't compile. I also tried creating function which converts the parameter. ( function changeParam (String strParam){ List<String> lstParam = strParam.split(","); return lstParam;) then used the condition productDescription in changeParam("$param") yet had a compilation error. :( – user9623568 Apr 11 '18 at 1:07

The answer to this is the function MemberOf. This will match your value to the array of values then will tag true if both fields are equal.

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