my TYPO3 website has multiple domains that have links from internal news to another a page in another domain.

Domain A (with SSL in frontend)
  Page 1
  News (folder)
  News A
  News B
Domain B (with SSL in frontend)
  Page 2
  Page 3

Links in News A to Page 1 work perfectly fine, but when linking from News B to Page 2 or Page 3, the url is generated properly, but the scheme is always http:

Example News A: <a href="/Page-1.html">Page 1</a>

Example News B: <a href="http://domain-b/Page-2.html">Page 2</a>

Is there a way to configure the url generation to always use https as scheme when linking to anything in a given domain? I suspect that this has to be done for the link rendering in tx_news?

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This has nothing to do with the news extension but is a bug in TYPO3 itself - or let's call it a missing feature because TYPO3 doesn't know at this place that the other domain should be use https as protocol.

What I do to solve this is a replace on the content before it is outputted. This can be done with adding a hook in the ext_localconf.php:

// Hook for changing output before showing it
  = \Vendor\ExtKey\Hooks\Frontend\ContentPostProc::class . '->run';

and in the file typo3conf/extkey/Classes/Hooks/Frontend/ContentPostProc:

namespace Vendor\ExtKey\Hooks\Frontend;

class ContentPostProc

  public function run(array &$parameters) {
        $searchReplace = [
            'http://domain.tld' => 'https://domain.tld'
        $parameters['pObj']->content = str_replace(array_keys($searchReplace), array_values($searchReplace), $parameters['pObj']->content);
  • This sounds pretty reasonnable, I'll check on the overall performance (but everything is cached statically in the end so this should not be a problem). What bothers me, is that it's possible to set the scheme on typolink, therefore I thought it was possible to configure this globally but as you say, this might just be a missing feature :-)
    – CDRO
    Apr 10, 2018 at 11:56

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