I'm looking to break up our registration journey into multiple pages, so we don't end up with a massive form.

I'm trying to add an orchestration step after the initial registration page to ask for the user's favourite colour.

I have added the following claims provider:

        <DisplayName>Self Asserted</DisplayName>
            <TechnicalProfile Id="SATP-GetFavouriteColour">
                <DisplayName>Local Account Sign In</DisplayName>
                <Protocol Name="Proprietary"
                          Handler="Web.TPEngine.Providers.SelfAssertedAttributeProvider, Web.TPEngine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null"/>
                    <Item Key="ContentDefinitionReferenceId">api.signuporsignin</Item>
                    <OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="favouriteColour" Required="true" />
                <UseTechnicalProfileForSessionManagement ReferenceId="SM-Noop"/>

and have updated my SignUpOrSignIn journey to include it just before the final step of returning the claims to the RP, like so:

 <OrchestrationStep Order="8" Type="ClaimsExchange">
                    <ClaimsExchange Id="GetFavouriteColour" TechnicalProfileReferenceId="SATP-GetFavouriteColour" />

I have also added the output claim to my Relying Party file like so:

<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="favouriteColour" DefaultValue="Lemons"/>

The policy files validate and upload successfully, but when I go through the journey, I simply get the default value of "Lemons" returned to my RP.

I expected B2C to ask the user for their favourite colour. Why isn't B2C asking the user for the new field I added?

Am I right in thinking this is possible, and I'm just missing something simple?

Thanks in advance


I found the cause of this, I had missed off <UserInputType>TextBox</UserInputType> from my claimType declaration

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