I have a Gatsby application that is partially static and has some routes that must be handled by Nginx instead of Gatsby service worker, but still didn't find a way to remove a specific path from Gatsby cache. Consider the following pages:

  • /home alright, handled by Gatsby
  • /contact alright, handled by Gatsby
  • /bloghandled by Nginx

My home page has a link for /blog, that stands under the same domain, but Nginx is responsible for providing its content, so I don't have a Gatsby page for it.

The problem arises because sometimes when clicking in the Blog link, then the service worker will send me to a 404 page, but some other times it will just work fine.

I've already tried to add the blog/path to the navigateFallbackWhitelist of gatsby-plugin-offline, but still had no success.

Is there a way to force Gatsby to permanently ignore and not cache a specific path?


You can setup Gatsby separately for home and contact.
Will that be alright?

check this

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