I want to use OneSignal on my app to send notifications to my users, and it is well documented and good, you should just act like this:



The problem is, I want to just send notification to my logged in users, so if a user logged out, I dont want him to receive notification, how can I disable OneSignal after it's inited?

I don't want to handle this on server, it should be some way to stop OneSignal service, I think.


OneSignal has something called segments... (flags).

You can set a flag with OneSignal. If the user is logged in, they belong to a flag that logged out users don't.

For example, if logged in, set a flag for OneSignal as loggedin. If logged out, set the flag for OneSignal for this user as loggedout. When you send out notifications, you only send it to the loggedin flag.

  • This will help, but is not the exact thing i want, a want a way to completely disable and unregister the device, exact oposite of "init" – Ali Molaei Apr 14 '18 at 13:40
  • From what I have read, no, this is not possible. Perhaps you should drop onesignal a line, they usually get back within a few days. – soldforapp Apr 15 '18 at 14:28

You can call the following method in the logout process.



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