.h file

generic<typename VAL_T> where VAL_T : value class,System::ValueType
    Nullable<VAL_T> Get();

.cpp file

generic<typename VAL_T> 
Nullable<VAL_T> FidField::Get()
        return Nullable<VAL_T>();

When i compile this code i get the following error.

error C3392: 'VAL_T': invalid type argument for generic parameter 'T' of generic 'System::Nullable', must have a public parameterless constructor

I am not getting any error in visual studio 2010(vc10) and 2012(vc110).

I am not sure where to add constructor. Can someone please help. Thanks in advance.


i see that the Nullable object interface has been changed in current .Net framework. current version:

generic<typename T>
where T : value struct, gcnew()
public value struct Nullable

in vs2010:

generic<typename T>
where T : value class
public value class Nullable

So i added gcnew() which the Nullable class expects. I still get the same error.

Reference links: Nullable in current .Net framework

Nullable in .Net framework 4


The problem was due to generic typename changes of Nullable in .NET framework 4.5.

I made generic type to be of value struct, gcnew()

i added where VAL_T : value class,System::ValueType, gcnew() in both header and cpp files. This solved the issue.

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