Trying to create a new jira ticket of specific requestType, but it is nested two levels deep. Tried few possible alterations, but no luck. Here's the code I have,

require 'jira-ruby' # https://github.com/sumoheavy/jira-ruby

options = {
            :username => jira_username,
            :password => jira_password,
            :site     => 'https://jiraurl/rest/api/2/',
            :context_path => '',
            :auth_type => :basic,
            :read_timeout => 120

client = JIRA::Client.new(options)
issue = client.Issue.build
fields_options = { 
  "fields" => 
    "summary"   => "Test ticket creation",
    "description" => "Ticket created from Ruby",
    "project"   => {"key" => "AwesomeProject"},
    "issuetype" => {"name" => "Task"},
    "priority" => {"name" => "P1"},
    "customfield_23070" => 
      "requestType" => {
        "name" => "Awesome Request Type"

"errors"=>{"customfield_23070"=>"Operation value must be a string"}

Also tried passing a JSON object to customfield_23070, "customfield_23070": { "requestType": { "name": "Awesome Request Type" } } still no luck, get the same error message.

If it helps, this is how customfield_23070 looks like in our Jira, enter image description here

Does anyone know how to set requestType in this case, please? Any help is greatly appreciated!!


It seems that for custom fields with specific data types (string/number), you must pass the value as:

"customfield_1111": 1


"customfield_1111": "string"

instead of:

"customfield_1111":{ "value": 1 }


"customfield_1111":{ "value": "string" }

I'm not sure but you can try this possible examples:


"customfield_23070"=>{"name"=>"requestType","value"=>"Awesome Request Type"}


"customfield_23070"=>{"requestType"=>"Awesome Request Type"}


"customfield_23070"=>{"value"=>"Awesome Request Type"}


"customfield_23070"=>{"name"=>"Awesome Request Type"}
  • Thank you for reply! I have tried all these variations, unfortunately, they throw the same error message as well. – scorpion35 Apr 11 '18 at 14:14

for ref there are 2 methods depending upon the fields you are interacting with

have a look here ' updating-an-issue-via-the-jira-rest-apis-6848604 ' for the applicable fields for update via verb operations, the other fields you can use examples as per above, you can use both methods within the same call

 "update": {"description": [{"set": "Description by API Update - lets do this thing"}]},
 "fields": {"customfield_23310": "TESTING0909"}

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