I was trying to run webpack-4 first time

webpack ./src/js/app.js ./dist/app.bundle.js

it shows warning / error :

WARNING in configuration
The 'mode' option has not been set, webpack will fallback to 'production' for this value. Set 'mode' option to 'development' or 'production' to enable defaults for each environment.
You can also set it to 'none' to disable any default behavior. Learn more: https://webpack.js.org/concepts/mode/

ERROR in multi ./src/js/app.js ./dist/app.bundle.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './dist/app.bundle.js' in 'D:\wamp64\www\webpack-4'
 @ multi ./src/js/app.js ./dist/app.bundle.js

Then i tried to change the mode

webpack --mode development

it shows :

ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve './src'


Spent a lot of time to find out the solution.

Solution: Add index.js file into src folder.

That's it!.. solved :)

During Research, I found some facts about webpack 4 :

webpack 4 doesn’t need a configuration file by default!

webpack 4 there is no need to define the entry point: it will take ./src/index.js as the default!

  • what if you js file is at some location how would you define the path then or entry point ? – Lokesh Aug 3 '18 at 7:24
  • 1
    @MertMetin In case you don't want to change your js file location you can always use this answer. stackoverflow.com/questions/45255190/… – Lokesh Aug 3 '18 at 8:27
  • You saved me. That is really silly... – devfaysal Jan 21 at 5:20

Met this problem when deploying on now.sh

Solution: Use Default Behavior

Move entry point to src/index.js.

This leverage webpack@4 default value for entry:

By default its value is ./src/index.js, but you can specify a different (or multiple entry points) by configuring the entry property in the webpack configuration.

Solution: Be Specific

As @Lokeh pointed out, if you don't want to change your JS file location you can always use path.resolve() in your webpack.config.js:

entry: path.resolve(__dirname, 'src') + '/path/to/your/file.js',
webpack ./src/js/app.js --output ./dist/app.bundle.js --mode development

This worked for me. I had the same trouble, it is because of a new version of webpack


As of webpack ^4.29.6 you don't need any configuration file so instead of giving path in package.json we need to write simply "build": "webpack" and keep index.js as entry point in src folder. However if you want to change entry point you can do so in webpack config file

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