I am using WMI to create an RCT Checkpoint. Below is the code snippet. The problem is when I call the method Create Snapshot using ExecMethodthe checkpoint gets created but the ResultingSnapshot to still points to NULL.

Since the call is asynchronous (as the return value from pOutParameters is 4096) I have also waited till the job gets completed in WaitForJobCompletion but pOutParameters is not updated and still, the ResultingSnapshot is NULL.

Basically, I need this ResultingSnapshot for creating a reference point. If there is any other way to do it, I can write it, need guidance though.

I am new to WMI, any help or lead is appreciated.

CComPtr<IWbemClassObject> pInParams;
CComPtr<IWbemClassObject> pOutParameters;
IWbemCallResult *pResult = 0;

// Set Method Paramters
this->GetMethodParams(L"Msvm_VirtualSystemSnapshotService", L"CreateSnapshot", &pInParams);

IWbemClassObject * pVirtualSystemSnaphotSettingData = NULL;
hr = m_pWbemServices->GetObject(L"Msvm_VirtualSystemSnapshotSettingData", 0, NULL, &pVirtualSystemSnaphotSettingData, &pResult);

IWbemClassObject * pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData = NULL;
hr = pVirtualSystemSnaphotSettingData->SpawnInstance(0, &pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData);

VARIANT consistencyLevel;
V_VT(&consistencyLevel) = VT_BSTR;
V_BSTR(&consistencyLevel) = SysAllocString(L"1");
hr = pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData->Put(L"ConsistencyLevel", 0, &consistencyLevel, 0);

VARIANT elementName;
V_VT(&elementName) = VT_BSTR;
V_BSTR(&elementName) = SysAllocString(L"rhel-1");
hr = pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData->Put(L"ElementName", 0, &elementName, 0);

hr = m_pWbemServices->PutInstance(pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData, 0, NULL, &pResult);

BSTR objString = NULL;
hr = pInpInstOfSnapshotSettingData->GetObjectText(0, &objString);
BSTR ArgNameTwo = SysAllocString(L"SnapshotSettings");
V_VT(&v) = VT_BSTR;
V_BSTR(&v) = objString; 

hr = pInParams->Put(ArgNameTwo, 0, &v, 0);

m_pVmWbemClassObject->Get(L"__Path", 0, &vtProp, 0, 0);

wprintf(L"Affected System : : %ls", (LPWSTR)vtProp.bstrVal);
HRESULT hres = pInParams->Put(L"AffectedSystem", 0 , &vtProp, NULL);

V_VT(&var) = VT_BSTR;
V_BSTR(&var) = SysAllocString(L"2");

CHK_HRES(pInParams->Put(L"SnapshotType", 0, &var, 0));

IEnumWbemClassObject* pEnumOb = NULL;
hr = m_pWbemServices->ExecQuery(
BSTR(L"select * from Msvm_VirtualSystemSnapshotService"),
IWbemClassObject *pclsObj1 = NULL;
ULONG uReturn1 = 0;

while (1)
    HRESULT hr = pEnumOb->Next(WBEM_INFINITE, 1, &pclsObj1, &uReturn1);

    if (0 == uReturn1)

    IWbemCallResult *pCallResult = NULL;
    IWbemClassObject *pResObj = NULL;

    CComBSTR path(this->GetStrProperty(L"__PATH", pclsObj1));

    hr = m_pWbemServices->ExecMethod(path, L"CreateSnapshot", 0, NULL, pInParams, &pOutParameters, &pCallResult);

    /* cout << "check1 : " << hex << hr << endl;
    hr = pCallResult->GetResultObject(0, &pResObj);
    cout << "check2" << endl;*/


cout << "\nSnpshot Complete" << endl;

EDIT I found that the SnapshotType Parameter is not set correctly it should be 32768 and I have used the following way to convert uint16 to Variant but no Success and I get 0x80070057 Incorrect Parameter Error.

V_VT(&var) = VT_BSTR;
V_BSTR(&var) = SysAllocString(L"32768");

hr = pInParams->Put(L"SnapshotType", 0, &var, CIM_UINT16);
  • I got t know from here social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/… that the new snapshot is associated with Job Object which is returned but how to do it ? – Liger Apr 11 '18 at 15:09
  • I feel the SnapshotType Parameter is not correct not should be 32768. But how to convert uint16 to Variant is another Question. – Liger Apr 13 '18 at 7:42
  • What is WaitForJobCompletion? If that's your code, can you post it? – mnistic Apr 19 '18 at 1:58
  • Just waiting for the job to complete. So I check the status if it says job complete it exit @ministic – Liger Apr 19 '18 at 7:10
  • 1
    Well if there is a bug in here it's probably in that function, so if you still need help you should post it. – mnistic Apr 19 '18 at 10:44
HRESULT GetRelated(PWSTR sAssociatePath, PWSTR sResultClass, IWbemClassObject** ppResultObject)
CStringW query;
query.Format(L"associators of {%s} where ResultClass = %s", sAssociatePath, sResultClass);

CComPtr<IEnumWbemClassObject> pEnumOb;

HRESULT hr = m_pWbemServices->ExecQuery(
ULONG uReturn = 0;
CComPtr<IWbemClassObject> pObject;
hr = pEnumOb->Next(WBEM_INFINITE, 1, &pObject, &uReturn);
return hr;
// Call the GetRelated function above with the __PATH parameter of JOB
CComPtr<IWbemClassObject> pOutParam = NULL;
CHK_HRES(this->ExecMethod(pHyperVObject, L"ConvertToReferencePoint", pInParams, &pOutParam, NULL));
CComVariant jobPath;
CHK_HRES(pOutParam->Get(L"Job", 0, &jobPath, NULL, NULL));
CComPtr<IWbemClassObject> pResult;
GetRelated(jobPath.bstrVal, L"Msvm_VirtualSystemReferencePoint", &pResult);

You provide a ppCallResult parameter. From the documentation:

ppCallResult [out] If NULL, this is not used. If ppCallResult is specified, it must be set to point to NULL on entry. In this case, the call returns immediately with WBEM_S_NO_ERROR. The ppCallResult parameter receives a pointer to a new IWbemCallResult object, which must be polled to obtain the result of the method execution using the GetCallStatus method. The out parameters for the call are available by calling IWbemCallResult::GetResultObject.

Therefore you need to use GetCallStatus on pCallResult until the method has finished and then GetResultObject to get the out parameters:

LONG status;
while ((hr = pCallResult->GetCallStatus(1000, &status)) == WBEM_S_TIMEDOUT);
/* check hr and status here */
hr = pCallResult->GetResultObject(0, &pResObj);


LONG status;
hr = pCallResult->GetCallStatus(WBEM_INFINITE, &status);
/* check hr and status here */
hr = pCallResult->GetResultObject(0, &pResObj);

Alternatively provide NULL instead of pCallResult and it will be a synchronous call where pOutParameters will be set:

hr = m_pWbemServices->ExecMethod(path, L"CreateSnapshot", 0, NULL, pInParams, &pOutParameters, NULL);
  • Nope, doesn't work, still the ResultingSnapshot is NULL – Liger Apr 23 '18 at 5:19
  • @MilindW There has to be detailed error messages then. What's the value of hr and what does GetErrorInfo() say? – Max Vollmer Apr 23 '18 at 6:45

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