I want to generate a json row using a Class, I overwrite the gist method, so that it will print what I want:

my $ak = '7111ac873c9dcd5fc335ded47630d050';
my $st = '1523451601875';
my $ifo = 'true';
my $uu = "15778787898988090";

class Stay {
  has $.ak  is rw = '7111ac873c9dcd5fc335ded47630d050';
  has $.uu  is rw;
  has $.ifo is rw;
  has $.st  is rw;

  method gist() {
    #return qqww/{"ev":"app","ak":"$!ak","uu":"$!uu","ifo":"$!ifo","st":"$!st"}/;

    return qqww:to「EOF」;

say Stay.new(uu => $uu, ifo => $ifo, st => $st); 

but fails with:

===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /Users/ohmycloud/Desktop/stay.pl6
at /Users/ohmycloud/Desktop/stay.pl6:18
------>     {"ev":⏏"app","ak":"$!ak","uu":"$!uu","ifo":"$!i
    expecting any of:
        colon pair

What I want is:


Why I can't use colon pair in qqww or qq:to struct?


You can use unquoting:

method gist() {
    return '{"ev":"app","ak":"\qq[$!ak]","uu":"\qq[$!uu]","ifo":"\qq[$!ifo]","st":"\qq[$!st]"}':

which will return


Colons are going to get in the way if you use qqww or similar.


{} have special meaning in double quote. They must be escaped


you need qq, not qqww which make list.

You can use fmt

(:ev<app>, :$!ak, :$!uu, :$!ifo, :$!st).fmt('"%s":"%s"', ',').fmt('{%s}')

or JSON::Fast

require JSON::Fast <&to-json>;
{:ev<app>, :$!ak, :$!uu, :$!ifo, :$!st}.&to-json

or even

require JSON::Fast <&to-json>;
self.^attributes.map( {.name => .get_value(self)} ).Hash.&to-json

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